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Les Voltes de Cal Baró.

When the broad and straight streets become narrow and winding we get to the old part of town. In this area we find the signs of a fortified enclosure that probably dates from the Middle Ages. A couple of diaphragmatic arches and a semi-circular arched window give proof of its existence.

The church of Sant Ramon de Penyafort.

This parish church had its origin in a chapel that worshiped la Mare de Dèu del Roser, built in 1582. In 1602 the chapel changed its devotion to Ramon de Penyafort. In 1702, the Bishop of Barcelona gave permission to enlarge the chapel but, the works did not start until 1740, and finally, in 1780, priest Josep Verdaguer blessed the new church. It is a masonry work built on a latin cross plan covered with cannon vaults and a dome over pendentives on the transept. The current bell tower built in 1855 and its iron angel, Llorenç, that crowns the building were repaired in 1977.

The whole set has a Baroque-Classicist style that followed the plans by friar Josep de la Concepció.

The neighbourhood of Masarbonès.

The charm of Masarbonès in the streets and houses that still keep the features of the periods in which they were built and especially the country houses 'Cal Martí' and 'Cal Curt'.

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